We don’t really mean “leads”. We mean jobs, contracts, sales — more business basically.

No deposit. You pay after you have received the lead call, and we have reviewed them to either approve the lead for invoicing or to improve our targeting for your leads.

All calls are exclusive to your business, we do not resell them.

All calls are live calls transferred directly to your business.

We can have you up and receiving calls in as little as 2 days.

We will set up a forward tracking number specific to your business that you will receive the lead calls on.

You will receive an email notification for any leads that we send you, along with a recording of the call in the email for you to review

We review calls weekly with you to determine what calls were a good lead or not.


Performance-Based Marketing

Marketing has taken on a whole new meaning these days.

People look at Facebook more then they look each other in the face.

People read news from blogs not newspapers and people watch their phone more than there TV.

What has not changed though is that businesses still need leads.

Let us get digital and bring real people into your business.

See All The Leads.

If you’re like most you don’t really know much about the leads your salespeople are currently chasing (or ignoring).

Pay Per Lead Agency will increase your visibility into these leads.

And significantly decrease the amount of time you spend in sales meetings and digging through incomplete, barely legible or incoherent sales notes.

Better Manage Your Leads and Your Sales Team.

The more information you have easy access to, the better you can manage and help your business.

We nurture and create orgainzed and in-depth information on each job/lead/sale.

Close More Leads.

The goal of any lead generation is to close more leads. Get more sales.

And that’s exactly what Pay Per lead Agency is designed to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just turn more leads to more customers.

Pay Per Lead Agency customers have experienced up to a 67% increase in sales after signing up.

“Woke up to 9 new leads today! I can not even begin to say thank you enough! This is a incredible feeling! Thank you Robert and thank you pay per lead agency!”

Chase Torri CEO Chase Torri Hardwood

“I have never experienced such speedy and efficient results. I was really impressed with the teamwork between you all and really felt like you had my needs in mind and the will to do it, and I was right.”

- Coralie S., OwnerAloha Builders

“Working with Pay Per Leads Agency has changed the strategy of my business. They’re generating new clients every day and that makes me appreciate their hard work.”

– 3 Brothers Plumbing & Heating

Pay Per Call Leads

    • Leads are identified as someone who would be interested in your services
    • You may set specific days and hours to receive leads, as well as a service radius
    • If the lead was not qualified, or does not pan out you will not be charged till we get you a quality lead
    • Phone leads come from variety of online marketing sources
  • Any phone calls under 30 seconds in length will not be charged
  • Manual Review of all calls to ensure accuracy

Email & Web Leads

  • Email leads are submitted through website landing page created by Pay Per Leads
  • Contact info of lead will be emailed directly to you within seconds of submission
  • Upon submission, an auto generated call will be placed to you allowing you to directly connect with your lead in minutes
Frequently asked questions

How does your service work?

We promote Your Business online to generate new customer phone calls. You only pay for new callers looking for your services.

We’d love to discuss the details with you! Let’s schedule a demo or call us at (720)552-3823.

Do I have to pay for every call?

No! Not every call is a valid, billable lead. You don’t have to pay for repeat callers, wrong numbers, solicitors, etc. We only charge you for potential new customers.

How much does your service cost?

You Pay Per Lead. Lead prices and monthly costs vary based on your business type & location. As this is a competitive marketplace, the higher the cost of your type of work, the more expensive a lead will be. For example, a carpet cleaning company’s average ticket prices is considerably lower than that of a personal injury attorney, thus you can expect the lead cost to be much lower as well.

We get you as many leads as we can at your chosen price per lead. We give you control over your marketing budget and we tailor our marketing efforts based on the lead price you set.

You can adjust your Price Per Lead at any time. Raise your price for more Leads. Lower your price for less leads.

Get pricing details for your business or call us at 720-552-3823.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We specialize in bringing leads to local professional service providers and contractors. Here is a list of some of our primary industries.

Professional Service Providers: Legal and Attorneys, Accountants and CPAs, Therapists, Dentists and Doctors

Home Service Providers: Franchises, Electricians, Fire and Water Restoration, Plumbers, HVAC, Fencing, Handymen

Do you promise a certain amount of leads or jobs?

Just like with any advertising medium, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of calls or jobs, but unlike most other advertising options, you only pay for the valid leads – the actual new potential customers who call you.

Can I set a monthly budget or pause my campaigns?

Yes! Our goal is to give you complete control of your account, and part of that is allowing you to seet a monthly budget and pause your campaigns if you get too busy or need a break.

Pay Per Lead 

We are direct marketers connecting you to your customers utilizing any and all aspects that work for your specific product or service.

We want to be the go to lead generation company for your industry so we cut the b.s. and just deliver quality leads.

We want to create relationships for the long term. 

We have a professional team of marketers that will be working to bring you quality leads 24/7  

Don't be afraid,we have the leads you need!

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